A Cigarette Break With Lamar Lawshe

The music is loud and strong, even from a distant. Standing outside of a recording studio in Orlando, Florida Lamar Lawshe lights his second cigarette in just 30 minutes.

Smoke fogs the air as I ask, “Why the cigarettes?” after smiling a bit Lamar whispers in a low tone “I miss my kids man, it’s hard to be away from them”. You heard right the Pittsburgh native is a family man, facing the same hardships as every young parent all over the world.

Lamar is determined to win. Born into a military family this CEO is charismatic and militant. Raised with three sisters and an abusive father, Lamar knows the meaning behind the words struggle and pain. He quotes “I was fatherless at age eleven so you can understand the pressure that was placed on me to step up and help my mother”.

In a market full of sharks and cutthroat competitors, an honest businessman has to struggle twice as hard to earn capital. From selling T-shirts to starting a company, being an entrepreneur is Mr.Lawshes career path. Lamar states his pitch “the whole purpose of my company is to connect people, provide jobs and create opportunities. Deleone Media is the basic concept of supply and demand; there’s a whole industry that’s hungry for artist, whether its music, film, animation, web design or show pro we introduce the artist to the customer who not only appreciates but is willing to pay for the art”.

As I rewind to our starting scene, you will see Lamar Lawshe flicking his cigarette in the street while fixing his hat. I ask, “How do you cope with not only being away from your family but working as hard as you do?” Lamar replies, “Even Jesus was stoned before receiving his thrown, its part of the game, it takes work”. It was obvious from his facial expression that he truly believed in what he said, with an Associate degree in Recording Arts and a Bachelors in Entertainment Business, a tremendous amount of credibility lives in Lamar. I can say with confidence that the CEO is on his way to a great successful future.

The cigarette break was over and so was our conversation, we shook hands and said our peace. But before Lamar went back to the studio he turned around and yelled “Make sure you tell the world make room for another entertainment mogul”.

Written by: Rouzbeh Salehinia

Educational Background

Associates in Recording Arts
Associates in Graphic Design
Bachelors in Entertainment Business


SSL 9000
Amek Recording Console
MPC 2000/2000XL/2500/3000
And varous other pro audio equipment

Software (mac based)

Pro Tools
Final cut pro
After effects
And various other industry software.

Experience (7-10 years)



Winner of Best Post Production Award
(At Full Sail University)

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